Choosing The Right Roof Color For Your Home

Replacing your roof is one of the best investments you can make, and it can have some immediate return when it comes to curb appeal. When it comes to property value, how your home looks directly impacts that. Without any questions, choosing the right color for your roof is a big decision!

Don’t Be Afraid to Express Yourself.

When you think of putting your personality on display, you probably don’t think of your roof. But, it’s a great opportunity. You don’t have to stick with slate grey shingles or tan tiles. There is a lot of opportunities to be creative and do something different. Different doesn’t have to be bold or outlandish. It can be subtle, elegant, or anything that best fits you.

Find Colors You Love

There are ways to match or coordinate roofing to the house color. These are general guidelines, not hard and fast rules, but these guidelines can lead you to colors that you may love. Tan or beige houses, for example, stand out with dark green or dark blue roofing, and many people wouldn’t consider green or blue roofing at first.

Do you have red siding? Try black, dark brown, green, or grey. Have a white house? Then your possibilities are nearly endless. Ask your roofing contractor what they’ve seen work with houses similar to yours in the past. They have more experience working with roofing and see color combinations every day!

Consider Custom Options

Some roofing options, such as metal roofing, can come in custom colors. If you are interested in alternative roofing options, then you may have more or fewer options when it comes to color choices. It’s best to start by choosing your material first.

After choosing your material, you’ll want to look at colors in real life. You don’t want to purchase or commit to a shade without setting it first. Online shopping is nice, but it’s not the best approach when it comes to finalizing your roofing shade.

Finally, consider color blends. For example, a standard dark blue may just be, well, blue. But, a color blend blue may use undertones of tan, beige, and brown to create deeper and more varied.

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